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Giving to those in need

Refuge House is not only a house that provides space we provide a family setting. 

Our Owner as well as staff will always be available to assist with any problems our clients may have in other areas of their lives. Given the growing popularity of "Refuge House" it has come with many benefits to our clients who are then, provided with outsourced resources and connections. Reputable and trustworthy partnerships reap the rewards of strong and stable communities. Refuge House is listed on local outreach organizations" resource wall and websites" as a shared living housing provider. Refuge House understands that not all clients are the same or have the same situation alike. We service in providing a number of resources that can help people overcome obstacles pertaining to certain unmet necessities in ones life that meet a clients individual needs. Refuge House is now running its waiting list for upcoming properties becoming available for refuge house clients. We are working as diligently as possible to ensure our community receives a habitable and safe place to call home. Please reach out to Refuge House for all inquiries no matter what the inquiry is pertaining too, you will be serviced with care and respect.

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