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What we do

Our mission is simple . We implement certain resources and programs to ensure that we cut our number of homeless citizens buy a third of its current rate. Most of our clients receive income but it is not enough to qualify for traditional housing. Our citizens are inevitably and unfortunately forced to live on the streets or in a shelter. We work solely with those people to help to provide those that receive government subsidies who are limited on housing options. We work with individuals in a shared housing with rooms and space with resources to accommodate all residents on a individual basis. We ensure the safety and respect of everyone who is apart of Refuge House rather its staff , clients or visitors. Refuge House is built on diversity so no-one feels excluded from fair and honest treatment. The goal of refuge house is to house people who are experiencing homelessness.

Refuge House understands the importance of ones health and the effects of a life if not handled with proper care. Refuge House does accomodate clients and our residents with receiving healthcare from professional trained staff all year round. Any indivisual who has anything from an illness to a physical exam , that is requesting and/ or required by a physician or health care administrator will receive one on one care with a health staff(nurse,  doctor, nurse  practionor etc)member!

All residents and our staff are required by Law to maintain compliance with covid testing and wearing a face mask when interacting with public. Everyone who becomes a client or inquires about residency, and is approved  at refuge house MUST submit to a covid test. People whom have respiratory issues will be asked to list symptoms on the initial application. It is the responsibility of Refuge House to ensure the safety of its business and entities.

Refuge House has a diverse staff and team that helps make the work we do at refuge house possible. The staff at refuge House is frequently in contact and communication with all residents to ensure the needs of our residents and clients are being met. We hired a selective team of warm helpful and knowledgeable staff that welcome and greet every client with a smile and friendly demeanors. Refuge House staff will always follow a code of ethics when dealing with our residents. All staff has received certain training that is imperative in the success of  refuge house's company mission and policies,

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