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Our "Why"

Refuge House was First founded on March 8, 2020 .

The purpose of Refuge House is to give all individuals a safe place to call home and stable enough to feel like family.We provide a "SHARED LIVING" arrangement and work with local organizations who provide a variety of community resources and information to maintain the betterment of our Kansas City communities area citizens. The current rise in homelessness is causing programs to exhaust their current resources provided, which may, leave some people without shelter. We wanted to add extra resources and comfort to our community by offering services to people who do not qualify under traditional housing guidelines which are mostly people who receive subsidies(SSI SSA SSDI veterans benefits retirement benefits etc ) . The recent fluctuation in U.S housing market is at its peak and we are seeing the consequences of our city not being able to provide enough affordable homes because of lack or limit of resources and programs specifically targeted towards low income individuals. Refuge House partners with outreach programs that offer third party services to help our clients when they are in need of certain resources and information. We are not just a business we are active in our community with making sure any and everyone is aware that "refuge house" may be an option when they have been left with unreasonable and uncomfortable situations with no other possible solution. Being homeless is not a flaw or fault to accept it is a situation and it will never define those suffering from such a heartbreaking issue. Please know that we understand and we "EMPATHIZE" ! Refuge House Thrives "For" The community we serve. Standing alongside leading outreach organizations that who have served in those same communities to support and advocate resources as well as provides resources to help administer funding to different organizations who assist the public with rental assistance as well as homeless services. Some of those organizations have served our community for decades. We take this matter to heart because we have also witnessed first hand what it feels like to be homeless. Our owner sought out to become a solution to a problem that she faced as a young single mother. When we say we handle each person with LOVE AND CARE we stand behind that with personal experiences that effected our families in the same way. No matter how bad the situation may seem we CAN HELP!

Group Hug
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