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Moving In
Refuge House
Kansas City, MO
Tel: 816-988-1781

Rebuilding Reshaping Rehousing 
"OUR" Community

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Refuge House is a organization whose sole purpose is to house people of the community who need a sustainable , habitable and safe place to call home. Refuge House deeply empathizes with our city and the impact the covid-19 pandemic has caused us. We want to help people regain what they have lost when income hardships have and continue to cost families to be removed from the comfort of their  homes. Refuge House is here to help!

We not only  can understand the burden of being homeless we have experienced the same strain and hardships. When you come to Refuge House you feel like someone actually cares beyond UNDERSTANDING but with EXPERIANCE!! 

Family is what keeps us grounded and reminded how loved we are. Family keeps us together both mentally and spiritually. We understand the meaning of having a strong support system. Refuge House not only provides housing but we also have partners who can help existing renters and homeowners with any utilities , back rent as well as forward rents(if applicable).  Refuge house provides a FAMILY based structure so that each person understands the support needed when people are going through a life altering event such as lost of a home. You receive Honesty, Fairness and respect when you visit or reside at Any Refuge House Location. REFUGE HOUSE does ADHERE to Kansas City Mo state and federal laws in order to keep everyone at refuge house safe.


Refuge House is a FOR profit organization, We also are actively accepting donations as well due to the continuance growth and expansion we are accepting BEDS, Mattresses, home furniture or decor, pillows ,cleaning supplies as well as BLANKETS. WE support the housing of all backgrounds so diversity can sometimes play a part in what each individual or family will need. We do not charge for donations or to accept any form of PAYMENTS for donations. We work with other for profit and nonprofit organization in order to build long lasting partnerships that evolve into long lasting RESOURCES. Refuge house always operates under a code of ethics to ensure everyone is treated with respect and dignity regardless of their current situation. If you would like to make a donation please reach out to  Refuge House Owner: We appreciate and welcome all donations rather big or small!!

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